23-24 -- Here we go!

Ready or not -- here we go!

We will begin with Orientation for parents and students at 6pm on Monday, September 11. (It has long been our tradition to begin on the Monday after Labor Day.). Our start-up mailing goes out the last week of August and it will include just the things you need to get started. The rest will be handed out at Orientation. You will meet the new priests and the catechists and see the rooms, get your folders and schedules --- and we're off and running!

To register you only need to complete the form listed at the top of this page. You do not need to re-register but I do want to know if you're coming or not. (Truth be told, we got hit hard by COVID and lost about 60% of out students. We would Love to have them all back!). -- If you have been with us before please go to. ..


to let us know your intentions for this year.