Monday, Sept 9, 2019

Let’s Do It Again! – PSR Orientation, 6pm, Mon, Sept 9, 2019

SMMA’s PSR always begins the Monday after Labor Day.  That means we will begin on Monday, Sept 9 at 6pm.  We ask that parents and children attend together.

A mailing goes out the last week of August with all of the forms and basic info for PSR.  Those forms and fees should be turned in at Orientation.  We start with a general meeting and prayer service in Church after which the children are called a grade level at a time to go with their catechists for a short period of “getting to know you.” — The parents are then sent  over to the rooms to meet the catechists and pick up the children —- and that’s the way we start!

YOU ONLY NEED TO REGISTER STUDENTS WHO ARE NEW TO THE PROGRAM. —  If you have been here before we expect (and hope) that you will be returning,  If you are not returning for some reason, please let us know. (Thanks!)