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PSR Spotlights – SMMA PSR

Category: PSR Spotlights

21-22 PSR Process

 So, How are we going to do this?  …

Last year we offered 3 PSR options and most of our families opted for an at-home, church directed option.  Only about 25% of our children attended in-person on Monday evenings.  We had hoped that by Thanksgiving we would be able to return to normal but that could not happen.   We were so hoping that 21-22  would be “back-to-normal” but the resistance of some many folks to vaccination normal looks questionable.  Here in the middle of summer we are still in a wait-n-see mode.  We will pay careful attention to the Mehlville District’s policies as well as SMMA School’s policies

Service Projects

We try to make it a habit to think of others just the way Jesus told us to!  Throughout the year we participate in various collections and projects.  We make prayer chains and placemats to support SMMA’s wprk in prison ministries.  At Thanksgiving we participate in St Patrick Center’s “Key Players” program to fight homelessness and take up a food collection to support the SVDP Carondelet Food Pantry.  Last year we collected and donated to the “Welcome Back Pack” program for released prisoners and for two yeas before that we sent hundreds of stuffed animals along with medical missionaries to comfort Central American children facing medical issues.  During the Year of Mercy we used our Mercy Wheel to help us focus on the various Works of Mercy one at a time.  During Lent we utilize Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl Program to help us raise our awareness in a global way and direct our Lenten sacrifices to helping people in far away places.  —  There’s always something going on!

Have something to share? Come on down!

Helping Honduras

Something soft for those in hard times.


Christian Witness Awards

We help each other be better disciples by the example we set.

Saint Night

Saint Night – Models of the Christian Life

Monday closest to All Saints Day


Each year we explore the lives of several saints with an evening of presentations and activities. It is always interesting, inspirational ,,, and even a little fun.   If you want to see a few  pics, click here


Rosary Presentation

SMMA’s Knights of Columbus 
Present Rosaries to 4th Graders

First Monday of October – The Month of the Rosary

A few years ago the Knights of Columbus contacted us wanting to do something to connect with our PSR and encourage the spiritual formation of our students.  They came up with a presentation of rosaries to our 4th Graders at the PSR session closest to the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary (Oct 7). We thank them for their interest and we promise to remember all of their charitable work when we use their gift and pray the rosary